Pokemon Flowerpots

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It’s always amazing to me how some people find new ways to craft popular characters. These Pokemon flowerpots are a great example!

This Ivysaur was made by applying paper mache to a papercraft model.

This Oddish pot is made from plaster and looks quite unusual!

And this second Ivysaur pot was made using the same steps as the one above, but the maker added air drying clay to it to give it a smoother look. It’s very effective! ūüôā

If you’d like to make your own pots, or even just solid models, here is a link to the Ivysaur instructable¬†(please note, the author called it a Bulbasaur Pot because they thought Ivysaur might be less well-known!)

Via: Instructables (Ivysaur Pot); deviantART (Smooth Ivysaur Pot); Instructables (Oddish Pot)

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  2. charlottte

    I really like the design of the Ivysaur pot and was wondering if you may now any one that would sell one of these. it looks really good and i want one im not talented enough to make one so im trying to find somewhere i can buy one.

    • blackmageheart

      Have you tried searching Etsy for something like this? I imagine that it may be possible to find one there!

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