Plush Minecraft Sword

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DeviantArtist AwesomeTikiWiki stitched this by hand. To quote, “I know you buy the foam ones pretty much anywhere now, but honestly, that foam is pretty hard. I wanted to make something you could WHACK someone with and be free of the fear of permanently damaging them. Considering it feels like a giant pillow, I think it was a success.
Made of felt, some fake leather we had lying around (the brown on the hilt) and some light gray fleece (leftover from the totoro), this was painstakingly sewn together by hand, square by square, to create that pixel look. Took awhile to complete and was mostly done while watching the walking dead and other shows, but I like the result. It was stuffed with some seat cushion foam we had lying around. Few people will probably read this, but I hope that gives insight on how it was made and hope if you have a lot of time on your hand, you’d be driven to sew your own! (its actually quite fun!)”

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