Playable NES controller coffee table

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Awesome, right? Sure, it would be that much harder playing your classic NES games (yes, this actually hooks up to the NES and is playable) but for the bragging rights? Worth it. Also has storage inside and a good batch of Perler bead sprites on the side!

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  1. it’s very cool, i neeeeeed it in my house >_<

  2. Joacim Norberg

    Awesome! I´m not jealous… Because it´s mine!!!
    It´s fun that my table pictures are spreading 🙂
    Hope everybody enjoy ^^

  3. Where did you find this if I may ask? I took those photos of my friends’ coffee table and am just curious where you found them 🙂

  4. I’m gonna ask again, no copyright issues or anything, I’m just curiouys as to where you found the photos.

  5. @Cyberg Follow the links. They eventually go back to Reddit.

  6. casey lawrence

    how do i get one of these???

  7. cyberg check the link, off the gamer grrlz website

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