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  1. cakester

    That was amazing, why they felt the need to bury thousands of copies out in the desert is beyond me.

  2. sorry that was my attempt at an april fools joke…lame, I know.

  3. dude, … I guess Im the fool cuase I actually attempted to play it for 5 minutes …. WOW … that is all.

  4. shanshan

    I don’t get the joke o_o

  5. the joke is that this game is widely considered to be the worst game of all time…

  6. I… ditto YS.

  7. I received this cartridge from a cousin when I was young. He sent no instructions with it. I was never able to understand the basic concept of this game, I just walked from screen to screen randomly falling into a pit for no apparent reason. Can anyone tell me what you supposed to be trying to do???

  8. This was one of the first video games I ever owned I used to play it all the time. It was so weird and poorly executed and annoying but I still played it. I always feel a sort of bitter nostalgia for that game. *Sigh*

  9. It’s been a long time and it’s a bit hazy but I remember it involved finding Reese’s pieces as power ups and collecting parts for a phone so ET could phone home. And the guys chasing you were government agents and I think Elliot would show up sometimes to. I can’t remember why.

  10. @Rayleen

    The game has no point, no goal. It was made under contract to tie in to the movie and given a very short time to be completed. The game is bad because there is really no game here. None. The only goal that I have ever been able to guess at is stay away from the man chasing you. But even if you do that perfectly, you will still die.


    Glad to hear it was an AFD joke. I was worried for a minute there


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