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  1. This is great, but isn’t it a Tall-nut rather than a Wall-nut? 🙂

    More of this kind of thing!

  2. Those tall-nuts are such softies at heart <3

  3. Yaaay that’s my sister. She does awesome work. People couldn’t keep their hands off of a plushie cactuar she had made.

  4. […] Zombies Peashooter crochet – gorgeous! Silent Hill Nurse rubber duckie – also gorgeous! Plants vs. Zombies Wall-nut plushie – detecting a […]

  5. Cute stuff. They remind me of Stewie from Family Guy.

  6. oops. its a tall-nut. im not well versed on this game.

  7. Death by Cuteness ^__^

  8. Those are awesome! I think my SO would die if presented with one of these!

  9. Give me one!

  10. give me one its so cute thanks

  11. how can i purchase these walnuts from plants vs zombies?

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