Kirby NES

September 25th, 2014 - by Starrley


Custom Kirby 20th Anniversary NES - Created by Zoki64 | Youtube

You can see more of the artist’s custom creations here.


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Awesome quilts!

September 22nd, 2014 - by Starrley

8bitHealey makes really incredible, detailed gaming quilts. Here are just some of them!








Oddish flower pot

September 18th, 2014 - by Starrley


I saw this while browsing deviantART, and it made me smile. I hope it makes you smile too! Machi-Ramen made this pot with paper clay and acrylic paint.


Mushroom latch hook rugs

September 17th, 2014 - by Starrley



ShyGals on Etsy has these nice Mario mushroom rugs for sale.


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Transforming Playstation!!!

September 16th, 2014 - by Starrley

This Playstation console transforms into a 19 cm tall Optimus Prime. It was debuted at an event in Tokyo’s Akihabara and is set to release in Japan sometime this year. Photos via Radio Kaikan


via [nerdsandgamersftw]


Shadow of the Colossus stitch

September 15th, 2014 - by Starrley


This gorgeous piece was stitched by Lord Libidan.

Title: Shadow Of Colossus Shadow
Date Completed: July 2014
Design: Lord Libidan
Count: 16
Video Game: Shadow Of Colossus
He says, “One of my all time favourite Sprite Stitch challenges was the shadow challenge. In particular, my friend PixelStitches did an awesome Shadow of Colossus piece. I’d been thinking about doing something similar for a while, so when I got an oddly shaped frame, I used the excuse.”

And we’re glad you did!


Metroid cross stitch

September 14th, 2014 - by Starrley


This lovely Super Metroid stitch was crafted by out2lunch. It really pops on the black Aida.


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