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  1. XplodingPenguin

    that is epic, who made it, and how long did it take?

  2. It was my sister who made it (that’s a pic of my kid in the blanket). She didn’t tell me exactly how long it took, but I know it was a long time. She was really funny when she was sending it to me, she didn’t say what is was, but told me it was coming, and kept saying things like “it’s not really good, it’s the first time I have made something like this…”

    I don’t want to let me kids touch it, I’m worried they will ruin it 🙂 I’d rather frame the thing.

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  4. mark – “its not that good” thats one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard…a more accurate quote would have been “this is the coolest blanket you will ever own or see in your life”.

  5. This is the best thing ever.

  6. This is amazing!

  7. Where o where did you get the pattern? I love it!! I want to make one too!!

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  9. Siren0085

    Hey do you know if she has a pattern for this… I want to make one soooooo bad!
    🙂 Cute baby!!!!

  10. I love it. I have been looking for this pattern for my Son Mark. Would it be possible for you to send it to me? Thanks so much. Debbie

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