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  1. awesome! i am working on a pacman craft right now! maybe a trip to korea is in order! hehe

  2. uh yes please! that bag is fucking awesome!

  3. Where can i buy one?!

    please respond…..


  4. where can i buy a bag like this
    does anyone know ?

  5. on the site ‘johloh’ left
    it wasnt in english
    and i dont know if it is
    chinese money
    or japan ?

  6. just saw that these bags are available from etsy.
    i think the seller is rockza brand too.


    hope this helps everyone

  7. Oh..This is some kinda PVC but it’s prerry awsome.
    I bought this Pacman bag from here.


  8. Oops, it’s pretty awesome.

  9. I bought this Pacman bag in brown color from here

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