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  1. Nicely done! I recognize most of those video game characters.

  2. I would actually be interested in purchasing a set of the origional final fantasy pieces. The whole line: Fighter, Thief, Black Belt, Red Mage, White Mage, and Black Mage. I put my e-mail in there if you would be interested in selling a set.

  3. Don’t forget the old man is from Zelda if my sprite-memory serves me correctly. Go get your sword from the first cave. =)

  4. yeah mike, I forgot to add zelda to the list…thanks for the catch. the crazy old man is probably my favorite character in zelda…

  5. This blog is all sorts of awesome. I’m already getting together stuff to make something from the Kirby pattern, as a birthday gift for a friend of mine. I’d actually really like to see some Megaman patterns as well (seeing the one in this post), maybe Megaman and the bosses from the first game or something like that.

  6. megaman upcoming!

  7. I too would be interested in a red mage or wizard, possibly casting a spell. I’ll fork over the cash if you email me at travisdotcleveland@gmaildotcom, replace the dots with a dot.

  8. im working on a pricing scheme for selling some of my work…I’ll make a post about it in a day or so…you can also email me at johlohATgmailDOTcom or johlohATyahooDOTcom…


  10. Do you sell any of your work?

  11. look for a price set up posted up in a few days once I figure out what I want to charge…

  12. Do you have a pattern for any of the sprites from the early versions of Chrono Trigger?

  13. Marcy, I can get some of those out in a few days…I have some other patterns to post first. keep an eye out for them.

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