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Published by: johloh

totally awesome is still at it with sweet papercrafts of video game characters…

Duck Hunt Dog PapercraftKatamari Prince PapercraftMr. Saturn PapercraftVault Boy Papercraft

Sonic PapercraftKnuckles PapercraftMetal Knight PapercraftDonatello PapercraftWaddledee Papercraft

top: duck hunt, katamari prince, mr. saturn, vault boy (fallout)

bottom: sonic, knuckles, meta knight, donatello, waddle-dee

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8 Responses to “More from!!”

  1. j. Says:

    the prince deserves a nice papertoy like this one

    keep up the great updates !!

  2. piekid Says:

    I don’t see any of the characters on bottom row on the actual website.

  3. EggShen Says:

    very cool, i love these things

  4. johloh Says:

    piekid if you look at the bottom of you see ad looking things that arent actual ads. click the sonic one and itll take you to a 4kidstv site that has the bottom rows on it. still made by cubecraft, just on another site

  5. rEdZ Says:

    Great minds think alike, I posted an entry to my blog one day before your entry –

    I’ve made approx. ten of the designs so far… gotta collect ’em all! :-)

  6. johloh Says:


  7. piekid Says:

    Thanks! I was dying for some TMNT! 😀

  8. SEGA America Blog | SEGA Papercraft! Says:

    […] are tons of cool different designs out there, with people creating and submitting their own. Today SpriteStitch highlighted  the papercrafting trend with a Sonic and Knuckles papercraft hosted by one of the […]

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