MCM London Comic Con part I: Retr8bit

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The MCM London Comic Con is an exciting convention for fans of games, comics, and Japanese culture alike. In the first of a four part series on crafters at the MCM London Comic Con, which took place from the 24th to the 26th of May this year, we’re going to take a look at Retr8bit.

Retr8bit is run by Matthew Kibble who creates fantastic, detailed Hama bead standees, jewellery and accessories.

The beads that are used for Retr8bit’s products are mini Hama beads, these beads only measure 2.5mm (just under 1/10th of and inch) across, which means the fine detail can be created while keeping the pieces small enough to be used as jewellery, keyrings and phone charms.

You can buy these fantastic Hama bead creations on Etsy, also check out the Retr8bit Facebook and DeviantART account.

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