Mario Tile Mosaic Table

Published by: johloh

we’ve had a few mosaics in the past, but I always love functional pieces…great first post lock2k!

mario tile mosaic table

mario table mosaic

via [the sprite stitch forums]

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5 Responses to “Mario Tile Mosaic Table”

  1. Lock2K Says:

    This is so cool! I’m really, really honored to have my work featured on the first page of Sprite Stitch. This very website is what inspired me to start my first works and I feel very, very flattered about it!! This is awesome, gotta love this community!!

    Soon I’ll post some of my cross-stitch works on the forum for you guys to see!! :)

  2. Slagathorian Says:

    Looks awesome!

    Where did you get your mosaic tiles, and how did you glue them down?

  3. Lock2K Says:

    Hey Slagathorian, I’m currently making my next coffee table and I photographed every single step of it. I’ll soon post a tutorial to show how the table is done! Thanks! :)

  4. johloh Says:

    Lock make sure you email it to me or comment a link to it!!

  5. Lock2K Says:

    Hey Johloh! Yeah, no problem, I’m almost done with the new table and I’ll post it until the end of this week. Thanks :)

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