Mario Mycology – Know Your Shrooms!

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Gamer Grrlz just finished her informative perler bead project on the mushrooms of mario! Including 8-bit versions of the new mushrooms seen in Super Mario Galaxy…Are you safe? Do you know all of your mushrooms??

Mario Mycology Know Your Shrooms Perler Beads

via [The Sprite Stitch Board]  and [Gamer Grrlz] Related Posts:

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  1. Great twist on a beloved classic: I love it !!

  2. She really rocks! She have a lot of great & big designs in Perler+Hama

  3. Your blog is totally awesome! Just wanted to let you know how much all the stuff you share inspires me and my boyfriend to make fun game-themed goodies. (I have fuse bead coasters in pac man and mario themes in stock in my store all the time!) Thanks so much!

  4. too funny! i *just* finished up a similar cross stitch! it’s my very first – inspired by you 😉

  5. […] one hard question. My favorite?!? Hm maybe my Mega Man 9 Boss Select Screen on my wall. Also, the Know Your Shrooms mycology chart I was proud of ’cause it was so original and I made it up as I went […]

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