Mario Invincibility Star Papercraft

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these are sweet if you’re looking for an army of mario stars…or have some need for hours of invincibility (who doesn’t?). no tutorial on how to make them…can’t give out powerful information like that for free…

Mario Star Origami and Papercraft

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  1. I tried to make one of those a couple of weeks ago xD I’m just not patient enough for origami….

  2. Here’s a YouTube link for making wishing stars: It’s not hard once you get the hang of it. You can buy strips of paper from origami sellers online, or Klutz: The techanbob site said she painted the paper yellow and made faces with marker. Personally, I’d use yellow paper and draw the eyes before puffing the stars.

  3. They look like stars I used to make when I was a kid. You take one long and narrow strip of paper, tie a “knot” in one end, fold the rest around the “knot.” then pinch in the edges to make them puffy. Here’s a vid I found on Youtube.

  4. I love making these, but I never thought about putting eyeballs on them. Genius! Here’s a quick video tutorial if’n yer interested: You’d just need some bright yellow strips of paper and a sharpie!

  5. wow. quite a response. I’ll have to try one of those tutorials…

  6. Here’s a non-video link on how to make stars.

  7. […] are no instructions on how to make these little power stars but then again, we can’t have everyone running around with these can […]

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