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  1. Kelldandy

    I think the best part is the eyes on the star. The pattern on the canvas could be improved, I agree.

  2. geektastic

    You ok, johloh? everything seems to be ‘meh’ to you lately…..where’s that geeky enthusiasm we all love?

    • Yeah im good. Tired lately. Summer vacation is in a few weeks. Ill get renergized then.

  3. You can get some custom Converse sneakers printed with whatever your heart desires on them here in the US. The ONLY shop that has this technology so far is http://www.TheAveVenice.com . . . . by BFF owns it and he can do some badass things with his printer and some chucks. You can totally get larger Marios . .. or anything else for that matter.

  4. I agree I don’t like them either…from a distance Mario looks like a bunch of strawberries lol

  5. didn’t know if you saw, but there are a couple of other styles.

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