Mario and Luigi playing Mario and Luigi

Published by: johloh

this pattern is going to blow your mind… ok, not really. but I like it. I like how they get more and more pixelated as you go into the game.

via [daisyspatience]

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4 Responses to “Mario and Luigi playing Mario and Luigi”

  1. Serena Powell Says:

    This is fantastic, it would make a great quilt.

  2. Lord Libidan Says:

    Silly Johloh, not checking where it was taken from.

    Its source is Sprite Stitch. Also, its mine, 😛

  3. johloh Says:

    I did notice it was from ss. But I was confused because I hadn’t seen it. Serves me right.

    Nice pattern there bloke! How’s that for some britishese?

  4. Tacomagic Says:

    If you do only the furthest iteration you get minimalist Mario and Luigi!

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