Mario Across the NES Ages Towel!

Published by: johloh

The bloggers over at R Teacher and the Soggy Craft Kids has completed the Mario Across the NES Ages on a towel! Great work! My original pattern is HERE!

Mario Towel 01

Mario Towel 02

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12 Responses to “Mario Across the NES Ages Towel!”

  1. Celia Says:

    What a smart idea to use these on towels.

  2. Sara Fail Says:

    Hi. I’ve admired your blog for quite awhile now. It’s inspired me (and apparently my husband, who has asked me to teach him to cross-stitch!) to embark on some gamey geeky goodness stitchery of our own – his of the Zelda variety (I’ve never played – yes, he was shocked too) – me of the King’s Quest variety – I found some sprites online, and even have a chart made up in photoshop.

    The question is, how do I equivalate (is that a word?) web/hexadecimal colors to DMC/floss colors? How do you do that? Take a color from a screen/game and figure out what floss color it’d be?

  3. johloh Says:

    hi sara, thanks for the kind words about the blog. this is a common question…im going to make a post about it…upcoming in a little bit today.

  4. Patrick Says:

    I so want a set of these.

  5. Sara Fail Says:

    Thank you so much johloh.

  6. Grant Says:

    Oops. . . I meant to email you about this before I posted it! Glad you liked it. :)

  7. johloh Says:

    np grant, I saw the link back to my site…

  8. Jennifer Says:

    Your idea really struck me straight!! It’s really great and m going to bring your tips into my own work soon. Will let you know the progress.

  9. Garrett Says:

    The art value of this piece is exceedingly high. Fantastique!

  10. crystal Says:

    love the towle any chane at a prinsess coming soon for a his and her set

  11. johloh Says:

    crystal – CRAZY that you just asked this now…because that is my next plan for a pattern…COMING SOON!

  12. mexist Says:

    Siiiiiiiick! really love it!

    Here’s my retro art:

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