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  1. i love this pattern!

  2. wow, that is some very neat stitching

  3. awesome pattern! a couple of weeks ago I took the kirby pattern from one of your entries and I just forgot to leave a comment >.<. Well, during my holiday in France, I finished my Kirby-Trinity and I just wanted to show you a pic since it was your pattern! so there you go:


    it’s my first sprite-stitch (and my 3rd stitch in general). it’s not perfect but I like it. I chose different floss colors (maybe a little too peachy, I don’t know). I like the way it turned out though.

    Anyway, I have another image that could be used as a pattern. It’s taken from the intro of Kirby’s NES adeventure. I enlarged already but I think it needs a grid:


    I thought that someone might like it! Love your blog, I check it every day. Greetings from Krefeld (Germany), Ally

  4. thanks ally! nice kirby stitching!

  5. Thanks! I had a ton of fun making it. I wish I had stitched my initials into the corner, oh well…next project!
    April 🙂

  6. I noticed that you didn’t use the autumn gold-lt #3855 for the 2nd Mario’s overalls. It seemed too yellow to me, so I was wondering what color did you end up using for it??
    Also, what red did you use for the Mario in Kuribo’s shoe?
    Thank you,

  7. yes, i have the same question as Andrea. What color did you use for the 2nd mario instead of using #3855?

    Also, whats the length and width of the cloth i would have to use inorder to complete this project with the mario in kuribo’s shoe?


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