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  1. Nice !

    But can Mario be big Mario on world 1-1 without eating a mushroom (coz only 200 points) ? ^^

  2. I’m thinking he couldn’t be jumping backwards in that kind of side scroller. By the time he got to the blocks mid-screen, the stuff on the far left would have scrolled out of reach, and you can’t go backwards in Mario 1.

    Am I right? Am I right??

  3. nym found one…

    fluffy – i dont think that is an issue…

    there is another more obvious thing…

  4. schizosmurf

    it’s the coin coming out of the block that hasn’t been hit

  5. Hmm, never played that one… But I’m dying to know!

  6. AmazingStitchWonder

    I think just the positioning of the mushroom and where Mario is. The mushroom looks like it was just hit, but he’s all the way to the left and jumping like he was just on TOP of the blocks.

  7. I believe there are 2: The fact that Mario has 200 lives and the fact that he isn’t small Mario (he hasn’t eaten the mushroom yet).

  8. The coin up there without the block having been hit?

    And hitting the block with the mushroom and being up above it quicker than the mushroom can run off.

  9. The coin far left!
    Where does it come from?


  10. mario would have had to have very recently popped the mushroom block in order for it to still be moving on that platform without falling off the edge yet. But getting into the position he’s in without smashing either of the two goombas or picking up the mushroom would have been an impossibility.

  11. I don’t recall a koopa troopa that early on… also, the question box that has presumably been hit already (what with the coin hovering) is not a repeat-hit box, so it should be empty. Maybe?

    It’s still a great stitching and it looks terrific!

  12. I thought of the consistencies mentioned above too, but then I figured that it was probably made this way so that all of the familiar elements could be shown in the same frame.

  13. yeah the mushroom coming out of the block and marios position is off…

    but I agree with kevin, its to show the familiar elements and looks much better this way!

  14. how could a mushroom be popped out of a block if you are already super mario, then the mushroom should be a fire flower.

  15. yeah sander…you’re totally right, i missed that.

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  17. He already has 1 coin, there aren’t any boxes hit.
    There isn’t a turtle there either, and there is only one goomba before the inital pipe.

  18. there’s not supposed to be a pirahhanna, no koopa, only one goomba is supposed to be there, coin out of nowhere, jumping backwards, not supposed to be big mario, and the blocks at the bottom are doubled when they’re not supposed to be.
    That’s all I see

  19. rct3fan24

    I think it’s the block with the mushroom in it is swiched with the other block.

  20. look at this super mario cross stitch video! amazing


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