Mad Moxxi Crocheted Doll

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Borderlands and its sequel are two of the most original and hilarious games I have ever played. There are so many memorable characters, and Mad Moxxi is definitely one of them!

Livingdeaddesigns on Etsy has this lovely Moxxi doll for sale:

It’s quite unusual, but I like it! There’s a lot of attention to detail, or as much as you can get in a crocheted doll, but I’m still impressed by it.

Via: Etsy

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  1. This doll looks amazing. Can I have the pattern to make it?

    • blackmageheart

      I’m not sure if the pattern is available, as the doll was for sale at the time of the post. You could try getting in touch with the maker, there’s a link in the post! Best of luck with it! 😀

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