Life Size Duck Hunt Dog

Your dog probably needs walks, knocks over your trash cans, pees on stuff, sheds fur everywhere, and never starred in a hit video game in the 80s. This wood duck hunt dog is likely better than your dog in every way imaginable.

Life Size Duck Hunt Dog

only $400 on Etsy! great work pixelparty!

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2 Responses to “Life Size Duck Hunt Dog”

  1. life size duck hunt dog hits etsy: giant light gun can’t be far behind | Tamasindo Secret & Technology Says:

    [...] The dog measures 18″ wide by 16″ tall and is made from recycled pixels wood and a glossy coat of paint. It’s available over on pixelparty’s Etsy shop for $400 bucks, which is just slightly less than what would cost you to buy a real dog. But at least this one only poops pixels. [via Sprite Stitch] [...]

  2. Johnny P Says:

    I like the piece, but couldn’t afford the price. I do know projects like this take massive time. When I was at 64 Bit Genocide last month, 8-Bit Artist was auctioning off his 18×36 Lakitu painting. His original asking price was $300. He said it took him over 35 hours to paint. I guess every artist has to set the price for their work.

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