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  1. when i see things like this it makes me want to learn how to quilt. but lately i’ve been picking up on so many craft things i don’t need another one under my belt lol.

  2. I know, I do nothing and have a short attention span, but I want this and to learn how to make things like this.

  3. SkylaDoragono

    Hey, I’d really love to try and make something like this for my own personal use. You wouldn’t happen to be able to point me toward some good quilting tutorials online, would you?

  4. sorry, I don’t know too much about quilting…I just admire from a far…

  5. KnittingNinja

    I want to make this. omg. if only i didnt suck quite so hard at quilting, all i can do is sew normal thingies. mebbe ill make myself a link plushy to get over it.

  6. Mmmm, oh yea, cant wait to bring the ladys to those sweet digs. If that doesnt win them over what will?!

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