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  1. This is actually BMO, from Adventure Time, not a gameboy.

  2. I believe that’s actually BMO from Adventure Time.


  3. That’s BMO, not a “gameboy”.


  4. Hello! Judging by the buttons and extra lines, I think that this is actually BMO from Adventure Time and not a Gameboy. Still a great cast though!

  5. That isn’t a gameboy, that’s BMO

  6. Pssssst….. Bemo from adventure time =)

  7. it’s BMO

  8. That isnt supposed to be a Game Boy. That is Beemo from Adventure Time.

  9. I hate to correct you but it must be done, that cast has been decorated to look like BMO from Adventure Time (adventuretime.wikia.com/wiki/BMO) not a game boy.
    Easy mistake if you’ve never seen the show!

  10. It appears I may have got this wrong… 😛

  11. LOL @LL 😀

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