Game Console Fossils

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ah, how confused the archaeologists of the future will be…even though the plastics in our controllers will probably survive for like a million years. christopher locke made up these awesome cement cast modern fossils, check out his site for more (others than video games too)

Fossil Playstation Controller

Fossil N64 controller

these will set you back a pretty penny ($100), but quite worth it if you’ve got the money.

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  1. I love these! Maybe they’re worth the price. Would love a few for my new apartment.

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  4. those look so freakin’ cool!

  5. Hey! I’m working on some stitching, and for inspiration, I was looking at your blog. And I came across my own fossils. I guess we are mutual fans of each other! I love SpriteStitch!

  6. radical, keep up the good work! and keep me posted if you do any new work!

  7. The stitching I’m working on at the moment is not video game related. It’s a portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Kind of a continuation of the lego portraits I did a couple of years ago. I’m also 3/4 done with a huge lego Teddy Roosevelt portrait. I think the next stitching project I do will be video game inspired, though. BTW… If you haven’t seen the fossil page lately, I added some new ones, including an Atari joystick for old folks like me.

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