Fry Scores: A Video Game Cookbook

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Those of you who have been around spritestitch since the beginning will remember one of our first bloggers Holly Green. She moved on a few years back to bigger and better websites (ones that actually pay $$) and has just published a new book on itunes!! Fry Scores: An unofficial guide to video game grub. She has 24 awesome recipes in the book that are all inspired by video games, and its only $5.99 on itunes.



Here are some examples of recipes in the book…

-Fallout 3 – Yum Yum Deviled Eggs

-Fallout New Vegas – Cook Cook’s Fiend Stew

-Minecraft – Mushroom Stew (shown below)

minecraft mushroom stew

-Skyrim – Apple Cabbage Stew

-Twilight Princess – Yeto’s Soup (shown below)

yetos soup


For those of you that don’t like cooking she’s included a few cocktail recipes too. I haven’t actually cooked anything from the book (yet) but its making me hungry just looking at all the pictures.

Help support the growing sprite stitch family and buy Holly’s book Fry Scores over on itunes! $5.99!

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