Frog Mario Cross Stitch Bathroom Towel Pattern

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what’s even better than coming up with your own ideas? someone doing it for you…thanks jessyratfink! This time Im posting up a potentially full project, instead of just a pattern…Frog Mario Bathroom Towels!

These towels (not an ad) look to be about the right size for the project…168X32 stitches…the pattern I designed is 160X32, but of course you could simplify it if it seems too crowded or too long to complete.

Frog Mario Towels Cross Stitch Pattern Thumbnail

(click the above picture for a full-size grid view of the pattern)

DMC colors – 310 black, 702 kelly green, and 3708 melon-lt.

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13 Responses

  1. Great blog and patterns. Thanks for posting these for everyone to try 🙂

    I’m stitching this one at the moment, but on normal canvas, not towels. Will let you know how it goes.

  2. awesome, I cant wait to see pics!

  3. Hi, I’m doing this pattern too. I think its really good. Not as big as I thought it would be. I’m doing this on normal Aida.

    I’ve also done Luigi’s Revenge. My friends love it.

  4. jelibe – great! please email me a picture when its done! id love to see it…

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  7. XStitchBelle

    i totally when and bought a hand towel last night to try this one out! its gonna be awesome:)

  8. XStitchBelle

    why are the feet one the two ends pink but all of them are green.. as well shouldnt the eyes on top of his head be white not pink?

  9. these are done exactly off the sprites from the game…check out these screen shots (eye color is pink)

    frog mario 01
    frog mario 02

    but, of course make it however you want…if you like white eyes and green feet go for it!

  10. XStitchBelle

    ok i just think that 3708 is a little too pink, i started it and it just looked off

  11. XStitchBelle

    i got this done yesterday. it took me 4 days. it was really easy, and turned out awesome. there are about 10 color variations i want to try with it. this one i used 3824 instead of 3708, and i didnt the the first and the last guy with green feet. its so cute. i think everyone should do this one lol only hard thing was starting it in just the right spot it would fit well. and be even on each side.

  12. yeah xstitch…the program I have has a difficult time picking out the correct skin color…especially for smb3. I had to edit the color I used for the Bitter Luigi xstitch too. Its usually spot on, but sometimes you gotta eyeball it at the store too.

  13. I am so excited to try this only I am going to choose only one pose (probably the one of him on all fours) and im going to crochet it into a blanket with other blocks and make it a Mario blanket =) super excited

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