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Kaeru's Kraftables

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 5:55 pm
by Kaeru
Hi everyone! I'm a 23 year old guy from Canada who just picked up this hobby not too long ago and I thought I would start a thread to share some of the things I've been working on. I don't have much to show yet and it's definitely not nearly as impressive as some of the things I've seen here, but I hope to quickly improve and start working on bigger and better projects. I used to use a bag of assorted Perler beads but I hated having to spend time sorting them before being able to make anything. It was great to start off with though and I'm glad I made the purchase; I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start off making small sprites at a very affordable cost.

I recently just received a large shipment of Perler, Hama and Nabbi beads, so I'll be making quite a lot of things. I wish I had picked up a few more colours, but I can't really complain as I have a ton of beads and I'm a little bit too much of a perfectionist when it comes to detail. Here are all my sprites so far (I'll update this post when I create new things):

Feb 25/2015:
Question Mark Box (Super Mario World)
//This was one of my first sprites. I didn't iron it long enough though (or on the right heat setting), so the top right corner has become detached. I used a bit of tape on the back to keep it held together.

Little Mario (Super Mario World)
//This was also one of my first, when I still used an assorted mix of Perler beads. Other than a single black pixel falling off of his cap (which I'll glue back later), I think it turned out rather well.

Watermelon (Kirby Super Star)

Fire Kirby (Kirby Super Star Ultra)
//This is my second most recent sprite made with the help of a friend. It turned out rather well, though I didn't realize at the time that his cheeks blend in too much with his body (they're supposed to be slightly more red). The only good alternative though would have been to use "Light Red" which is a Nabbi brand colour which I don't currently own. This was also my first time using the tape method, so some of the pixels in his body are a little spread out making them look a little shaded from a distance (though it's impossible to tell from the picture).

Maximum Tomato (Kirby Super Star)

Nyan Cat

Mega Man (NES)
//This is my very first sprite (at least the first one that didn't completely fall apart when I tried to iron it). Like a lot of my old sprites it came out a bit warped as I didn't realize at the time that you're supposed to put weight on them while they cool off. This one has it particularly bad, but from a distance it's not too noticeable.

Voltorb (Pokémon Black/White)

Cupcake (Kirby Super Star)
//I realized later that the string of lighter pixels in the base doesn't really look that great since they're not dark enough. The funny thing is, the very first time I made this sprite (I made it into a necklace and gave it away) I didn't include those lighter pixels. If I ever can give this one away I think I'll just make another one with those removed.

Grapes (Kirby Super Star)

Ryko Chair [Icon] (Maple Story)
//This is one I worked on with a friend who happens to also love the game (at least in the days before the BB patch came out). It's his favourite chair. It came out quite warped though because of the size and it's one of the old bunch. I also had a problem with the black pixels on the edges as they either got too flattened or look like they're about to pop off.

Bomber (Kirby Super Star)
//This is my most recent sprite which I completed last night. I also ironed it on tape (this will definitely be my method from now on) but managed to keep all the beads close together. Some I had to manually correct as they shifted a little when I put the tape on. It was worth it, though. This one also uses the most colours out of anything I've created so far, as the shading is pretty detailed. It uses 25 different colours! I had to remove a couple though because they didn't mesh very well.

Ilbi Throwing-Stars [Icon] (Maple Story)
//One of the most iconic things in the game! I couldn't help myself. I think I'll eventually make a Mushmom too.
Sorry for the quality, I've been using my webcam to take pictures (which is at least convenient as it sits right next to me). When I have more projects done I'll be sure to take better quality pictures of everything.

I hope you like what I have so far and I'll be updating soon.

Re: Kaeru's Kraftables

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 6:20 am
by kidster
Good start to your bead journey, keep it up!

Re: Kaeru's Kraftables

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 11:18 am
by Firehawke
These look fun!!!

Re: Kaeru's Kraftables

Posted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 3:40 pm
by Livingdeadgirl
really awesome work they are all so perfect :) where about in canada are ya? I'm a Canadian too!

Re: Kaeru's Kraftables

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 10:21 am
by Kaeru
Thanks for the interest! I'll definitely be posting more by this weekend.
moosette wrote:where about in canada are ya? I'm a Canadian too!
I'm from Toronto, how about you?

Re: Kaeru's Kraftables

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 11:20 am
by Livingdeadgirl
ohhh nice :) i have visited toronto once ... and have in-laws to be in Windsor/Detroit

I am from Vancouver myself :)