How to make a perler beads phone case?

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How to make a perler beads phone case?

Postby Pysslart » Sun Sep 20, 2015 4:40 am

This is my question: i've just made a perle beads case but I don't actually know how to paste it on the Phone case I have. Can anybody help me? how do you usually use as blue with perle or hama beads?

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Re: How to make a perler beads phone case?

Postby Tevosa » Thu Sep 24, 2015 1:36 am

Is your phone case plastic or silicon? Both are very hard to glue. I'm assuming you're not going for a decoden look so I'll suggest that you try E6000. It's incredibly strong and often used for jewelry, however you'll need to set this somewhere ventilated until it's cured because it's got strong fumes. Probably leave it in a covered container in the garage or patio for 24 hours.

If that doesn't work (and sometimes it doesn't), you might need to try molding the perler beads to fit the shape of the case while it's still warm and flexible and keep heating it over and over until it melts and hopefully sticks. Sort of like these. Keep in mind that plastic sometimes warps and/or releases dangerous fumes when heated over a certain temperature. Your case may need to be cleaned with alcohol and sanded before being glued. Just google how to glue (whatever your case is made of) and search through reviews and forums until you find something that works.
Here's a sped up video of how it's done with lighter covers.

Image ... _gallery_4

Another way is to use the stuff people would use for decoden. People would decorate their phone cases to look like a cake top with frosting made of silicone caulk or other material and random (mostly plastic) items.

Image ... gallery_29

I'm assuming the frosting is incredibly strong because it holds onto both the phone case and whatever else you stick in it. You can try smearing a very thin layer of caulk (cheap but smelly) or Mod Podge Collage Clay (more expensive but less smelly and you can use a coupon if you have a Michaels near you) with a plastic knife/popsicle stick, then stick on the perler beads. Depending on how much you melted the beads, it should completely cover the caulk/clay. It'll probably take a few days to completely cure depending on how humid the area you live in is.

EDIT: Forgot to mention you could also try Glossy Accents. It's found in the scrapbooking aisle of most craft stores and once it cures it's incredibly hard to remove as people can use it to glue plastic and metal. It's also used to give a bit of a dimensional look to whatever you put it on, sort of like an epoxy sticker. They come in .5 oz and 2 oz bottles.


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