Help turning cross stitched projects into pillows

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Help turning cross stitched projects into pillows

Postby cookieman789 » Tue Oct 13, 2009 4:37 am

This weekend, I'm going to start on a decently sized cross stitch piece on black aida fabric that I want to turn into a pillow. I have a couple of concerns that I'm not sure how to best fix yet. First, I'm afraid with the black fabric that I'll be able to see the pillow/fluff underneath. Second, I would love to be able to turn this into more of a pillowcase or something that is washable in time. I have a two year old, so I'm hesitant to make something I can't take off and wash.

Any thoughts or things I should keep in mind before I start this up? I'm not sure how durable the aida material is to sewing. Will it hold up? Will the count make a difference in what I'm doing? I've never tried anything like this before and I figured someone out there has to have some idea at least of what not to try! :P

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Re: Help turning cross stitched projects into pillows

Postby DMLC » Wed Oct 14, 2009 6:02 am

I would just buy black broad cloth and sew it onto the adia first.......then make your pillow next
White shouldn't show thru!!

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