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Dane Cook quote

Postby rwright20 » Fri Dec 22, 2017 8:33 pm

Since I'm no good at making a pattern out of this air, could someone please make me on with the quote "How did Mary die? A TIRE hit her in the FACE." I'm envisioning a typical 6"-8" circle on preferably 16 count aida. One that would be stretched in a hoop. A tire going around the quote. For the sake of space, I'm willing to drop the question part of the quote if needed. This shouldn't be too many colors, black and grey's just to give the tire dimensions. If you feel like there is blank space that needs filled, throw in some bees. Yes, bees, the buzzing kind. I don't care about what font is used, as long as it is legible. I'm okay with backstitching as well. I will be super greatful for this!
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