Stitching for Charity 2016/2017/18

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Re: Stitching for Charity 2016/2017/18

Postby Firehawke » Thu Jul 18, 2019 6:55 pm

Just a quick is CONFIRMED that if the goal is reached in December's fundraising campaign, there will be a quilt in May 2021!!!! (not we will have enough time to stitch the blocks), so if any of you have unfinished blocks, keep them close by...and maybe add a few stitches here and there if you want and if life allows!

Speaking of, here's my latest Lapras pic!


Was hoping to stitch more tonight...but I got 4 bug bites today, resulting in Benedryl being taken and I couldn't focus :( BUT I'm taking tomorrow off...we're in an excessive heat warning and tomorrow's supposed to be the worst of the week...and we don't have dry heat (plus work is super humid and the AC is struggling in my area)...and I don't have anything major going on that can't wait until Monday. So more stitching time! :D
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