READ THIS FIRST: Pattern file types

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READ THIS FIRST: Pattern file types

Postby Servotron » Sat Jul 18, 2009 4:20 pm

The pattern makers on this forum use different programs to make their patterns, which results in different file types. Most people post a jpeg of the pattern and thread list to go with the pattern as well if the person doesn't have the program. The most popular programs are PC Stitch and KG Chart.

.pat file type- A PC Stitch file. The website is and they have different options available. You can buy a pattern making program or you can download a free pattern viewing program to view and print off the pattern on the forum.

.sth file type- A KG Chart file. The website is and this is a freeware program, so it doesn't cost anything. The website now has a support forum and there is a guide for creating patterns on this forum here.

Some people have different programs that they use, but the majority of them are posted in these file formats, jpeg charts or as pdfs.
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