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Legend of Zelda Title Screen Blanket

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Re: Legend of Zelda Title Screen Blanket

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tobebeatrice wrote:
rufusdampfer wrote:
I handle color changes in a few different ways. Generally I like to work in the other colors with each stitch so I don't have to constantly cut and weave in yarn ends. Things get tangled enough eventually that I have to take a break and untangle or cut and sew in the ends. I tried to work it in as I went so it wasn't a nightmare at the end!

The reverse side is a mirror of the front and I'm content with it as is. I'm still considering some kind of border though. Opinions?
I'm not sure I know what you mean by "work in the other colors with each stitch". I feel like you have some magic crochet voodoo I must learn.

As far as borders go, I would probably do a thick-ish black still in the single crochet. It would remind me of the TV frame around the game screen and stick to the color pallet.

I think maybe like crocheting over the other colors on top of the row beneath? Like when you hook under the top part of the stitch, the other colors not in use get crocheted over?

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Re: Legend of Zelda Title Screen Blanket

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Oh that's how your doing it! Carrying it along the top and kind of catching it in the stitches. That is brilliant. I had never though of doing it that way before. I normally just let them hang out on the back side and was left with these straight lines on the back. Your method is WAY better. That must make the blanket heavy, but there's pretty much no way to make it not heavy. You will all the brilliant points from me. :clapping:

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