Final Fantasy Papercraft!

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I’m too lazy to figure out the name of this character…sephiroth? I’m not too up on my modern final fantasies…but, once someone comments on this I’ll change it and pretend like I knew everything all along…

Final Fantasy Papercraft

sadly the pattern link for this is broken…

via [sakatsu101 livejournal] via ???

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  1. It is Sephiroth from FFVII

  2. It’s sephiroth, all right.
    And not exactly ‘modern’. He’s from 7, which was barely the first Final Fantasy on Ps1…

  3. Great!

    I knew his name because I played FF since I to VII.
    modern FF is difficult for me…

  4. TatteredRagDoll

    I love it! FFVII in-game characters seem they would lend themselves well to papercraft.

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