Final Fantasy cross stitch – White & Black Mage

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nothing very new or original here but I finished up a cross stitch of the white mage and black mage (from Final Fantasy I). These were created from the Final Fantasy cross stitch pattern that I posted last month.

Final Fantasy White Mage Final Fantasy Black Mage Final Fantasy White Mage and Black Mage 01

This stitching is available in my Etsy Store!

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  1. Thanks for posting all your cute stitching. I enjoyed browsing your Blog and your designs are very unique. My kids are begging me to stitch their fvorite characters now!!



  2. no problem! If you get a chance to stitch up your kids characters make sure you email them over to me…

  3. I love how that super bright white turns out in the finished product. Somehow I’ve never noticed it before while in the store, but I sure wish I had before I made it through a quarter of these Dragon Warrior beasties.

  4. yeah, i definetly like the extra punch the 5200 ‘snow white’ gives it. basically I dont think its possible for it to be white enough, especially if youre stitching on white cloth.

  5. I have started one, the fighter, for a mobile for my upcoming child. I am new to cross stitching. I used all 6 strands. How many shoudl I have been using. I have a feeling about 2 or so.

    Any suggestions?

  6. yeah the standard for cross stitch is 2 strands out of the 6. you can go 3 if you want thicker coverage, or are doing a light color over a dark background or something…

  7. Thanks. I finished the fighter with 6 strands. I figured I’d be consistent. Looks pretty cool.

    I think I am going to do another one with 2 strands.

  8. My fiance is a huge video gamer, he absolutely loves Final Fantasy. I found these a few months ago and have thought that I’d like to cross stitch him all 6 of the final fantasy I characters, I was just wondering what colors you used and what color aida cloth? I’d like to stitch them for christmas =D

  9. go here
    and click the directions below the picture….

    aida cloth was plain white.

    email me if you cant figure it out.

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