February Bookmark Challenge!

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I’m a bit late to post about it…but, in february we had a bookmark challenge over at the forums. We had TONS of great entries, here are the top few.

First Place! techno-ninja! (front and back shown)

mario pikachu bookmark 1 mario pikachu bookmark 2

2nd place! awenmir!


3rd Place! me!

donkey kong bookmark

Fourth Place! riotpatch!

kirby dreamland bookmark

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5 Responses

  1. j’aimais beaucoup celui d’Okami et celui avec Kirby, mais bravo à tous les participants c’est très beau.

  2. Amazing! They’re all so great but the first is just too darn cute.

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  4. Wow, those are great! Nice job you guys!

  5. the second and forth place ones are way better than the first and third place ones….

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