Epic Mario Level 1-1 Scarf

Published by: johloh

let me preface this by saying that this might be the coolest project I’ve seen since I started this blog…

Cassie is knitting a scarf of the entire level 1-1 from the original mario bros.

Maroi Scarf 01

Mario Scarf 02

Track her progress on the aptly named Mario Scarf Blog!

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8 Responses to “Epic Mario Level 1-1 Scarf”

  1. katie kutthroat Says:

    oh wow.. this is wonderful! really impressive!!

  2. Amy Says:

    That’s a fantastic scarf (the chart has been on ravelry for a while)… but doing it in all stockinette, the edges are already curling under. I wonder how she’s planning to remedy that…

  3. Kay Says:

    HA! Too cool! What an idea!

  4. Hani Says:

    The WHOLE thing?? Awesome!

  5. Renee Says:

    I agree, one of the coolest projects ever.

  6. Manga Panda Says:

    Wow!!! Thats dedication.

  7. Amie B Says:

    Does anyone know if she ever finished it and if so, where are the finished photos? She had a facebook page for it, but it’s not been updated. She had a livejournal, but she stopped updating on that too. I’m disappointed.

  8. johloh Says:

    Yeah, I never heard what happened….too bad.

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