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  1. oh wow.. this is wonderful! really impressive!!

  2. That’s a fantastic scarf (the chart has been on ravelry for a while)… but doing it in all stockinette, the edges are already curling under. I wonder how she’s planning to remedy that…

  3. HA! Too cool! What an idea!

  4. The WHOLE thing?? Awesome!

  5. I agree, one of the coolest projects ever.

  6. Manga Panda

    Wow!!! Thats dedication.

  7. Does anyone know if she ever finished it and if so, where are the finished photos? She had a facebook page for it, but it’s not been updated. She had a livejournal, but she stopped updating on that too. I’m disappointed.

  8. Hi, does anyone has a pattern of this Super Mario scarf?

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