Epic Mario Cross Stitch Halfway Done!

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sgoheen06 is now halfway done with the super epic mario cross stitch…I’m impressed with the dedication, I would have quit after the first block. she estimates it at about 50 hours just to complete the blocks on the ground. wow…looking good!

Halfway done with the epic mario cross stitch

epic mario cross stitch pattern

can’t wait to see it finished!!

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  1. Thanks! I will definitely let you know when it is done, I’m honored to be posted here!

  2. Nice work!
    Is the pattern for the flower and pipe available?
    I want to stitch it with ‘ceci n’est pas une pipe’ (this is not a pipe) as a tribute to Rene Magritte

  3. oh wow….that is good. magritte is one of my favorites…I got to see a collection of his work at the sf moma a few years ago…very impressive.

    I dont have a pattern of this, but ill make one…mind if I incorporate your idea into the pattern? (credited to you of course)

  4. Not at all.

    I figured out a pattern from looking close at another pic of mario and the pipe. I can email it across if you like(It is in Microsoft Excel format)? I guess you have the email address from this post. I have started stitching (the lettering and the pipe are done)

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