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  1. LOve your site. Have bookmarked many of your posts for future use – sadly that wont be for at least 2 years, but i know it will be worth the wait! 😛

    Was just wondering about your website. I want to get my own similar to this (a .com web address, but just a blog) – but just for my family to read. Could you give me any hints as to how to get one? Thanks

  2. you have many options…I’ll let you know how I did it…(which is also a quite easy low labor way)

    my blog is a wordpress blog, you can get free ones…but, it wont be your own personal address.

    I signed up with DREAMHOST to host my site. its easy, and well priced. They have ‘one click installs’ where you can install wordpress in one click. If you go with many other hosts you need to download software, upload it over ftp, etc which can be hard.

    of course if you use that link and sign up I get some money…but, thats not why I’m referring them…I’m referring them because I’ve been happy for the last year.

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