Dr. Mario and River City Ransom Stitchings

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Freddie sent in these two awesome stitchings that he finished up.  River City Ransom is an awesome game that I’ve been replaying again lately…a quality mix of rpg and side scroller.  See some more stitchings at his flickr site!

Dr. Mario Cross Stitch River City Ransom Cross Stitch

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  1. Anonymous

    I MADE THAT RIVER CITY RANSOM PATTERN!!! Sorry to use caps, but that’s so cool that somebody used my pattern. I actually originally made it for the F-Zero GX emblem editor, but it looks so much cooler in a real life setting.

  2. I think it’s rally cool that somebody used my pattern to make something! I was just casually browsing this site and noticed the river city ransom picture, which looked familiar. But now I remember putting it together and posting it on the internet back in 2003 at this site. This is so cool.


  3. Hey,

    Sorry for not giving you official credit. Somebody put that up on Stumbleupon, and I found it, so I couldn’t figure out who made it. Definitely an awesome pattern and I’m really glad you enjoyed it as a stitching. I mainly use “Animal Crossing Community” because they have patterns there for their “Clothing Creator”. However, seeing as RCR is so unknown, it’s hard to find a pattern I like, so when I came across that, I was pumped.

    You are totally cool for making it, and I much appreciate it.

  4. The Dr. Mario one is completely amazing. Is there any way to get a pattern for that? My mother is a physician who was addicted to Dr. Mario when I was a child, and this would be the PERFECT present for her office. Thanks!

  5. I don’t have a pattern per se, for it. However, i can give you the patterns for the individual pieces I used to make it. I’m terrible at patterns, so I apologize there. I also don’t know any DMC colors I used, seeing as half of them were stolen from the canister of floss my mother had.

    Dr. Mario was taken from Sprite Stitch:

    The Viruses are from Animal Crossing Community (Click “Print Pattern” on the patterns’ individual pages and you get a pattern guide):

    Red: http://www.animalcrossingcommunity.com/pattern_view.asp?PatternID=204288

    Yellow: http://www.animalcrossingcommunity.com/pattern_view.asp?PatternID=52073


    There’s actually a wide choice if you go to animalcrossingcommunity.com, click “patterns” and search “Red/blue/yellow Virus”

    Hope that was good enough. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

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