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  1. Kawaii! Love the SMB2 vine and tree on the side, too.

  2. Oh wow. I’m speechless. And I totally have to go redo my bathroom now!

  3. why not put it in your kitchen?? although I guess that’s done now…

  4. Hah, this is pure awsomeness! For about a year, i worked with selling bathrooms and tiles, and I couldn’t help but wonder why people has to be so freakin BORING. White walls and grey floor seams to be the leading thing, and I always hoped that someone would come in and say that they wanted tiles to create a huge Mario on their bathroom wall. It never happend, and I’m way too poor to do it myself…

  5. nathalie – bummer. its true though…people are boring.

  6. bummed in the shower?

  7. Andres Barragan

    Hey wanna see more? check


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