Disney Classic Cross Stitch

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I’m pleased to announce that our second collaboration book is out; a Barnes and Noble exclusive! It features 12 Disney patterns and the materials (thread, needle, pattern and canvas) to complete two of them.

The book was a collaborative effort of making patterns, revising patterns and stitching by the following forum members: lord libidan, blackberrybear, philpepe, yurtle, katdun, RMDC, doublej, deborah, blackmageheart, funkymonkey, carand88, Ally, jadely, kuja.girl, and johloh.

Its on sale right now for $8.47!





It is available in B&N stores and online at Barnes and Noble.com! I hope you check it out!

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  1. The second I saw this, I bought this for my best friend! Thank you so much for making this!

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