Dig Dug (and mario) perler bead keychains

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KungFuCowgirl has made some nice dig dug keychains…of course dig dug is on my short list of all time favorite arcade games (w/ q*bert, breakout, and guantlet) so I am a little bit biased…

Dig Dug Perler Bead Keychain 01 Dig Dug Perler Bead Keychain 02 Dig Dug Perler Bead Keychain 03

oh yeah, and some mario ones too (ho hum, yawn)

Mario Perler Bead Keychain 02 Mario Perler Bead Keychain 01 Mario Perler Bead Keychain 03

for sale on ETSY. $5 each.

(check the favicon for spritestitch)

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6 Responses

  1. taste – yeah i like them too…and im not a big fan of perler beads or keychains.

  2. think mario cool and i’m a big fan of perlerbeads

  3. Endelina

    Oh, these are cute!

  4. how can i buy them?

  5. ty

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