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  1. OMG! the cutest thing ever!!

  2. ha, my husband told me about this being on boingboing, so of course i had to track her blog down. makes me wanna have a baby & crocheting skills.

  3. I am in love with this! I also love how happy the baby looks. 😀

  4. We are most please to meet the newest cousin! We hope he is super-fabulous and good at Katamari rolling!

  5. this is sick and depraved….. now then why can i get my hands on a pikmin suit

  6. I see dozens of knitted baby hat styles each day, but this one is definitely the most unique this week. Ha! Thanks for sharing a nice work.

  7. Love this hat. I have seen tons of different baby hats but this is the most unique style I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing the pic

  8. love katamari stuff, they are so cute

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