Charity Quilt Squares

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Here’s the first batch of pictures from this year’s quilt project for Child’s Play.

Maniac Mansion by Aelys:


Amy Rose (Sonic CD) by SofaraStarfyre:


Crystal Caliburn by funkymonkey:


Phantasy Star IV by Lileya:


Q-Bert by MeiTow:

They all look great and there will be more squares to come soon!

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4 Responses

  1. Can you please tell me where I can get a pattern for Amy Rose? I want to stitch her so bad… Thank you!

    • blackmageheart

      SofaraStarfyre, the member who stitched Amy, posted the source image on the forums. We’d be happy to make a pattern for you!

  2. Unfortinately, I didn’t find this pattern on forum… Can you please send the pattern to my email? Thank you again:)

    • blackmageheart

      As I said before, the stitcher posted the source image only – which you can find here. If you need help to make it into a pattern, please put in a request and somebody will be glad to help!

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