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  1. Amazing!!

    I’m doing the same Bowser, but with Hama bead MINI

  2. I love the link tis most awesome!

  3. klefsjo

    Is there any chance you could give the picture you used to do Link?
    I’ve tried to use this picture but it is impossible due to the camera make it’s own pixles. So, when I zoom in it only get blurry.

    Great job!

  4. Hi, can you please send me the Zelda Sprite to my email? I’d like to make the same one, Robe24@gmail.com

    Thanks !

  5. which game is this from?

  6. i believe these are custom sprites by abysswolf

  7. I know this is several months late, but I’m almost positive that the Bowser sprite is from Bowser’s Inside Story on the DS.

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