Arcade Art Gallery

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Arcade Art has got a great gallery and an Etsy shop with all sorts of paintings of video game related art! Above, Lucas and Claus from Mother 3 and Frog/Tanuki Mario! Check it out! via [wonderland]

Companion Cube My Little Pony

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In my Etsy scrounging today I found something I’d never seen before: Hand-Painted My Little Ponies! Bunnyko has several designs of Companion Cube and other styles as well, including a Cthulhu pony. Available @ Etsy: $10 for Companion Cube, others … Continued

Mr. Saturn Plushie

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I did a search today for Mr. Saturn on Etsy and who did I turn up but our very own forum poster, Obesolete! Obesolete’s store has been featured before, but this one slipped us by. Available @ Etsy: $25