A Tribute To Blink190!

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ok, so there’s this master crafter named blink 190. If you’ve missed these massive projects you’re lame. but, a lot of lame people read my blog so I’m going to list them all out for you…In order of completion…

zelda title screen cross stitch

link zelda oracle of ages map stitch

mario world 8 cross stitch

a link to the past title screen stitch

Super Mario 3 World 2 Stitching

feel insignificant yet? you should.

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  1. Hahaha thanks Johloh! I didn’t realize how much stuff I’ve actually done in the last year or so. I’d like to tell you I’ve got another huge project planned, but I can’t think of one yet. But again, thanks for the tribute : )

  2. yeah man, you are way active with the huge projects…way more than anyone else ive seen.

  3. Yeah, nice going! My favorite is the Link to the Past one.

  4. obesolete

    Blink190 is a professional full time cross stitcher.

    That’s the only explanation i can think of.

    I can’t even find time for my own small projects!

    Kudos for finishing such a large number of HUGE projects! =D

  5. Zombified

    I’ve been in awe with everyone that gets completed.
    Blink190 is clearly my hero, and idol.

  6. Haha thanks everyone. Don’t forget though, everything I do is half-stitched, so these large projects take me half the time to do. Kudos are more due to the people who do the huge projects cross-stitched

  7. is there a pattern available for Link to the Past? I’d love to take a crack at doing that one myself! 🙂

  8. I’ve just recently finished the mairo across the NES ages cross stitch, including the shoe guy, and the background is completely cross stitched in white as well (I like an even texture). I have also done a copy of the “rise above” project that i’ve seen. I’m completely mario CRAZED and I was wondering if you have patterns for the complete world maps that you’ve done for Super Mario Brothers 3? Also do you have patterns for the other worlds as well? I hope to one day have a complete collection of all the world maps. Even if it takes me the rest of my life LOL. So if you could let me know about any patterns that would be great and AWESOME work BTW. I’m totally jealous.

  9. Krystle – you’ll find all those patterns here…


  10. Thank you so much. I wasn’t able to open them however. I don’t seem to have a program that can do it. What programs might I be able to use? I’m really looking forward to doing it I already have most of my supplies. Thanks again.

  11. Krystle – KG Chart is the program you’re looking for. its free.


  12. So, it has been just over a year since I started on the maps, and unlike you, I decided to do the full cross stitch. I have learned from that mistake and am paying for it now. I’ve got world 1 complete and I’m about half way done the colouring in on world 2 (start with all the outlining of course). I’m starting to think I may never finish all 8 🙁

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