A Few More Projects From the May Challenge

We got to see the top 4 winning projects on Sunday, but here are some of the other projects that deserve honorable mention!

First MeiTow showed us Black Mage’s vacation to Vegas, first in pixels and then stitched:

Pyper showed us Black Mage Down Under:

rbaron gave us a pixelated image of Black Mage on a Gyarados:

Kevin 18875 showed us a Black Mage Pokemon battle:

icedragonj showed us what Black Mage would do on a bike a bit too large…

starrley (ahem) showed us Black Mage visiting Alis in Camineet in Phantasy Star:

And last, but definitely not least, katdun showed us Black Mage’s relaxing Staycation (so cute!)

What a fun challenge!

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